Champagne Pioneer Madame Veuve Clicquot

A trip to the Champagne region of France to visit the home of Madame Clicquot and the surrounding fields to discover the unique story of this elite Champagne brand. Originally published in Filler magazine in 2012.

Art Crawl on New York’s Budding Bowery

A visit to New York’s Bowery district on the verge of an art renaissance. Originally published in 2008 in hard copy in The Globe and Mail.

Fashion Designer Peter Jensen on the Humour of Fashion

A conversation with London-based Danish designer about the humour of fashion and his unique muses. Published in 2010 in Hint magazine.

Alexander McQueen at the Met Gala

A deep-dive into the 2011 Met Gala retrospective showcase Savage Beauty about the late Alexander McQueen. Published in 2011 in Filler magazine.

Alice in Wonderland at the Tate Liverpool

A look at all things Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in a special retrospective exhibition at the Tate Liverpool gallery. Published in 2011 in Filler magazine.

Straight from Ry High to Holts Heights

Interview with Creative Meghan Roche about her Ryerson University final fashion collection and her decision to head to work for London-based designer Christopher Kane after graduating. Originally published in 2009 in the National Post.

Barnsley House

Travel story about a visit to Barnsley House in the English Cotswolds district. Published in 2014 in Filler magazine.

Ideal cottage home for furry pals

A craftsman’s love of pets turns into growing business for man’s best friend. Published in 2007 in National Post.